Creating blessings as a way of life. blessing woman pic

When we bless something we are expressing deep gratitude. In words and actions that we bestow gratitude upon someone, some thing, some event, some moment.

Welcome and Blessings to you!

I am Martha Gallagher, The Blessing Woman. The woman who delights in supporting people in the unfolding and creation of meaningful, powerful, personalized Blessings for the special people, places, things, events and moments, big or small, in their lives.

What is a Blessing? more ...
The dictionary defines a Blessing as “A beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being.”

But a Blessing is also something that we can give ourselves or others; as simply as saying “Bless you,” when someone sneezes or in a deeper, more intentional way.

This is The Art of Blessing; creating our personal way of expressing our recognition, appreciation or love, and celebration for someone, place, thing, event or moment. Or simply for the gift of BEing. We create it - and then we give it.
What do I do? more ...
I guide and support you in the gentle unfolding and creation of your own Blessing, drawing on your ideas, vision and words. This beautiful process often reveals many Blessings that are in your life that you may not even have recognized. We create space for the welcoming of those Blessings as we continue to create your Blessing.

You receive time and guidance for creating your personalized Blessing. You also receive your Blessing text following our session as well as a short contemplative instrumental music selection that you can use as a beautiful backdrop for whenever you speak your Blessing.
Why Spoken Word? more ...
Research shows that speaking, as well as writing down our thoughts, helps us to better understand, visualize and realize our thoughts, dreams, visions. Speaking your blessing aloud declares to The Universe “Yes, I mean this. It is so.” Powerful.
Why Music? more ...
Music adds not only exquisite sound, but it is vibrations, so it also adds energetic, vibrational support to the blessing as it is spoken. Beautiful. Powerful.
What To Bless? more ...
People: Spouses, Partners, offspring, family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, new baby, newly married couple, loved ones who have passed, anyone - YOU! Who would you love to give the gift of a blessing to?

Places: new home, old home, apartment, land, seasonal home, cabin, camp, tent, a special place, a business location, the sky’s the limit! Where would you love to bless?

Events: Social gatherings, weddings, baby showers, house warmings, breaking ground for a new home, moving into a new home, moving out of a beloved home, opening a new business, closing a business. What would you love to bless?

Moments: Or choose to Bless the sunrise, a moonlit night, the moment you choose to begin to transform your life. What would you love to bless? You name it!