transcendance with martha

Welcome! I’m delighted that you are here, intrigued by and interested in

New virtual classes starting in the Fall 2023!

TRANSCENDANCE™ is a conscious dance practice in authentic movement as a transformational and healing art. Dance away tense, stagnant, blocked energy and activate more flexibility, freedom and pure joy of movement, connecting body, mind and spirit.

No experience is needed and all fitness and mobility levels are welcome.

“I liked the freedom of it and that the purpose of it was not to necessarily follow
a prescribed practice but rather to tune in - I loved that!
- TranscenDance Class Participant

Experience a powerful blend of stretching, breathing, free-form movement, conscious dance, visualization and energy healing that will help you release stagnant energies, unleash self-confidence and live with more joy.

“I loved [Martha’s] voice - very soothing and uplifting.
Her voice and the music were perfect!”
- TranscenDance Class Participant

Through the regular practice of TRANSCENDANCE™ some of the amazing benefits you can expect to enjoy include:

Deepening your mind/body/spirit connection
Gaining more flexibility, fitness, and flow
Moving your body with more freedom, grace & authenticity
Releasing tension, stress and blocked energy
Channelling your body intelligence to align with your higher self
Increasing your confidence and becoming fully expressed
Owning your power on a higher level
Amplifying your creativity and expressiveness
Living into your fullest potential and making a positive difference in the world

I loved it! I was a Zumba girl, that’s how I’ve done exercise for years and years, but I haven’t done it for a long time. TranscenDance just felt so good for my body to move in that big, open kind of way!
- TranscenDance Class Participant


TranscenDance is on summer break. See you in the Fall 2023


Martha Gallagher is a certified TRANSCENDANCE™ Facilitator. She is also a professional harpist, singer, wellness music creator and entrepreneur

“Martha’s spirit feels grounded in the practice and its intention - allowing participants to connect with Divine love and affirmation. The 'dance' part seems just right for every body, no matter age or ability. It's all about movement with guided invitations and affirmations. Thank you, Martha!"

~ S. Allen, TranscenDance participant


“Martha is a gifted and talented facilitator - I feel so blessed to see her share this work with the world!
I recommend you take her class, her smile will brighten your heart, her loving, positive, magnifying energy will uplift your spirit, and her beautiful movement will help you feel safe to bring your most authentic dance."

~ Jennifer Joy Jimenez
Creator and Founder of TRANSCENDANCE™