Welcome and Blessings to you!

I am Martha Gallagher, The Blessings Woman. The woman who delights in supporting people in the unfolding and creation of meaningful, powerful, personalized Blessings for the special people, places, things, events and moments, big or small, in their lives.

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I am a harpist, singer, song writer, music creator, certified TranscenDance Facilitator, and a heart and soul-centered entrepreneur. A professional musician for over 40 years, I create and share music that moves people; intuitive, touching, humorous, poignant, delightful, peaceful; through live and virtual events, through recordings, through workshops and through online contemplative music subscriptions.My work as The Blessing Woman draws upon all the many, varied and beautiful facets of the creative work I’ve been doing for over 40 years, come together in this powerful and meaningful way, supporting the creation and use of Blessings in people’s lives. Blessings to you ~ Martha

Beautiful Words about Martha and her Blessings:

“I always consider it a blessing to be in the company of Martha Gallagher, but to have her with her harp bless my home was extremely moving. The music was inspiring and words so touching, catching perfectly the essence of my love for my Adirondack home.” J.H., blessing the closing of the seasonal family home for the Winter.

“The fact that this [our land] is being blessed just tells me in my heart it’s right [buying the land, planning to build their retirement home and move there]. I just can’t tell you how much calmer I feel now about the whole process. The way this [blessing] has all worked out just convinced me that it is all meant to be and it’s all just going to be terrific - and my stress level around this has just come down. [Working with Martha] is truly a blessing. H.S., blessing of land bought to build their retirement home on.

“Martha is a treasure. Her music lifts us up and reminds us why we are here.” NCPR